PetroChina announced inspection and rectification of the situation to eliminate Zhou Yongkang and others bad influence

(In the oil, Sinopec, CNOOC three oil companies referred to) have announced the first round of central enterprises to visit the rectification of the situation
Yesterday, China Petroleum, China Mobile, China Telecom, the State Grid and Dongfang Electric Group, such as the party group announced the first round of inspections this year, the rectification of the group in the party building, employing, power rent, state-owned assets, etc. have different degrees Rectification measures introduced. At present, the first round of inspection this year, 25 central enterprises have 10 announced the rectification of the situation. (Reporter Zhou Yu) Yesterday, the China Petroleum Group announced this year on the central tour group the first round of special inspection of the rectification of the situation. Put forward on the party building, the top of the wind discipline, employment, abuse of power, overseas investment is not standardized and other aspects of the rectification of five views. February 28, 2015 to April 30, the Central Second Tour Group of China National Petroleum Corporation conducted a special tour. June 15, the central inspection group to the Chinese Petroleum Party Group and its leading cadres of enterprises and institutions to give feedback on the views. The report pointed out that the inspection group pointed out that some members of the party group deviated from the spirit of Daqing spirit of iron, pull the guards, buyers and sellers, interest delivery and other issues highlighted in the enterprise caused serious political haze problem. PetroChina said that it is necessary to stick to the party's leadership of state-owned enterprises, learn from the lessons, and resolutely eliminate the bad influence of Zhou Yongkang and others, and always maintain the anti-corruption situation. Rectification of the problem: the rule of party rule party is not strict to the case of high-tech enterprises to send full-time Commission for Discipline Inspection in the oil group clearly set the Commission for Discipline Inspection, deputy secretary of the qualifications and nomination assessment procedures, as well as the Commission for Discipline Inspection to implement the way and select the way, Enterprises, large oil fields and refining enterprises, in recent years the case of high-ranking enterprises directly elected full-time Commission for Discipline Inspection. Patrol found some party organizations weak and lax, some leaders awareness of the rules of discipline awareness is weak. In response to these problems, PetroChina has adjusted and optimized 71 units of leadership units this year, organized the handling of nine irregularities, including three party committee members, and set up five full-time party committees to promote the exchange of 16 Party secretary. At the same time increase the intensity of internal inspections, this year organized eight inspection group, plans to achieve within three years of home and abroad units to cover the full coverage. 16 units of the first round of inspection this year have found 466 various types of problems. At the same time, PetroChina said that deepening the system reform, strengthening the construction of five regional discipline inspection and supervision center, set up overseas and financial discipline inspection and supervision center. Is currently for the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection feedback within the company there are leaders to receive red envelopes for a period of 3 months of special rectification. Rectification problem two: the top of the wind to withdraw from the retired, has been transferred from the staff of the special car tour group made a small Treasury repeated prohibitions, the number of offices and hotels, public funds travel, illegal use of bus problems and other four aspects. PetroChina said that the implementation of a post double responsibility, such as the discovery of a small treasury problem, the unit administrative person in charge, the chief accountant and failed to effectively perform the duties of the Commission for Discipline Inspection will be removed from office, and then held accountable. For the chaos of the car, the oil canceled for the retired or transferred from the unit of the staff to provide special vehicles, the headquarters of the departments and professional departments to borrow, take subordinate units to provide vehicles. It is also disposed of for vehicles that are not used for self-purchased vehicles and vehicles that meet the retirement conditions. Has been completely abolished enterprises and institutions at all levels of leadership dedicated car, off-road vehicles 2053, retired group of the old leadership car 22. Rectification problem three: the use of people need to fill the three generations of blood relatives within the relationship between the information for the "small circle" problem, the key norms of the leading cadres, especially the "number one" nomination behavior, the implementation of "who is responsible," who actively promote exchanges , The recent 16 units of 17 active, 8 units of eight deputy exchanges were carried out. The cadres of the "German" study more efforts to understand the actual performance of cadres and 8 hours outside the living circle, social circles and so on. For the violation of the principle of "inbreeding" more prominent problem, the oil proposed in the selection and appointment of cadres, personnel transfer, work entry, the organization filled with spouses, immediate blood relatives, three generations of blood relatives and relatives of close relatives of information, to prevent the emergence of Breach of office avoidance system. It is noteworthy that the oil to further increase the discipline and discipline violations of the leading cadres to investigate and deal with efforts. January to July this year, investigate and deal with all levels of "number one" case 112, punish and intend to punish 129 people. Rectification problem four: the right to seek personal gain will be transferred to the prosecution of the prosecution group proposed, some leaders of the right to seek personal gain, the use of national resources to transport interest to specific stakeholders. PetroChina said that for the leaders to help relatives and friends contract project to seek profiteering, first of all this year to reflect the problem of 63 pieces of letters and visits to organize a comprehensive inspection, has been seized 17, punished and intended to deal with 22 people, including five bureau level cadre. At the same time to organize leaders to fill out the "relatives of business enterprises and enterprises in the oil business transaction registration form" and make a commitment, the current party members, management leaders and party leaders and management personnel have completed the required, the next step will be based on registration Declare the situation to verify the reporting of false and concealed personnel to investigate and deal with exposure. Some leaders and private business owners tied together, where to go where to go. In this regard, the oil has been basically identified a sales company was the main person in charge of the discipline of the facts, and suspected of breaking the clues to the prosecution, the case is being verified. To a leader who has this problem reflected, after admonishing the conversation, to post to adjust the exchange. Rectification problem five: overseas investment is not standardized overseas investment audit 3 years full coverage At present, the oil is in line with the judiciary of the three overseas enterprises were mainly responsible for the investigation of illegal cases, and increase the supervision of overseas business, Investigation on the Crime of Breach of the Heads of Overseas Enterprises. At the same time to strengthen the exchange of overseas leaders, increase the middle-level cadres and key positions of rotation, the first half has rotated 220 people. For overseas investment will be audited 3 years full coverage, the inspection system into overseas projects, and strive to achieve the Chinese-led project to visit the three-year full coverage of the target, and increase the overseas project letters and reports related to the verification of the clue. Depth of the oil companies how to deal with the Big Three "common problem"? These two days, CNOOC and PetroChina have issued a notice of rectification of the rectification of the investigation found in the rectification report. With the end of April Sinopec issued rectification notice, "three barrels of oil" (PetroChina, Sinopec, CNOOC three oil companies referred to) have announced the first round of central enterprises to inspect the rectification of the situation. Beijing Youth Daily reporter combing found that the three companies are varying degrees of existence of the party is not strict, the wind against the discipline, the use of non-standard, abuse of power, investment management is not standardized and other five issues. In recent years, the case of high-tech enterprises in the selection of full-time secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection neglected the party's construction, strict governance of the party is not strong, the party's work integrity to implement the main responsibility to implement ineffective, discipline inspection and supervision is uneven and so on "three barrels of oil" generally face problems. Among them, Sinopec rectification in the implementation of the special mention, "corporate management party party consciousness is weak, and some enterprises have not held a party for more than a decade election." In order to solve the above problems, the oil is clear, to the job vacancies of enterprises, larger oil and refining enterprises, in recent years, high incidence of enterprises directly elected professional discipline appoint secretary. Sinopec set up a discipline inspection supervision group (bureau), CNOOC also set up discipline inspection and supervision institutions. CNOOC governance to raise the "village" demolition training center all recreational facilities "three barrels of oil" are the existence of the problem of abuse of public funds, including oil public funds travel, buy shopping cards, illegal payment of subsidies, Sinopec eat and drink, public funds tourism Repeated, CNOOC public rush to eat and drink. For the small treasury, PetroChina established clearing accounts by the Discipline Inspection and Supervision Bureau for the record management, small treasury balance all turned over to the "discipline inspection and supervision of the exclusive account." The problem of oil also includes the office, the number of hotels, management confusion, problem-prone, similar to the purchase of CNOOC's violation of the Golden Lake resort, to raise the "village" problem. In this regard, CNOOC Jinhu acquisition process to carry out a special audit, rectification process, the Jinhu training center as a service company party school and cadre college training, not foreign business, clear requirements are not allowed to engage in official reception and conference dinner, not procurement of high-grade Tobacco and alcohol, remove all the recreational facilities, reduce the charges. Eliminate the "power for personal use" petrochemical requirements Leading cadres and relatives to withdraw from business operations It is noteworthy that the "three barrels of oil" are different degrees of leadership "for their own people profit" behavior. For example, the leadership of the oil to help relatives and friends contract project to seek profits; Sinopec more than the leadership of the relatives of the business or business with Sinopec, and some through the same industry, related transactions for profit; CNOOC was informed " ", Relying on oil resources for personal gain. In order to solve the above problems, Sinopec announced the inspection rectification notice shows that the company explicitly asked the leading cadres relatives and children to withdraw from the business operations in Sinopec, and formed five special verification group, 16 leaders of the management of the leadership of the report Verification. Text / newspaper reporter Zhao Jing Shu for the map / CFP

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