Yangtze River shipwreck accident may take three kinds of rescue measures program exposure

So the diver enters the cabin from outside the cabin

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The parties to protect the Yangtze River passenger ship to sink the rescue (Figure)

For the rescue site to the vehicles and personnel to facilitate the passage

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Men parked the old man crossing the road without a horn horn

Man parked the old man crossing the road without a horn horn urging the recent

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A shares two days to evaporate nearly 4 trillion Analyst: This year is difficult to 6000 points

Do not rule out the market there may continue to shock adjustment

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Korean media: survey shows that Qi Cheng Jeju people do not like Chinese tourists

Jeju Road Council investigates 1,000 residents of Jeju Road

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New energy vehicles under the long warranty of maintenance chaos

But the current new energy car warranty period and aftermarket car prices each fight

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Beijing, Tianjin, Tangshan and other six cities were designated as the core area of ​​Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei haze

Part of the city air pollution warning grading standards Beijing, Tianjin, Tangshan, Langfang, Baoding, Cangzhou six cities will establish a unified air pollution prevention and early warning consultation and emergency coordination agencies

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Indian President approved the firefighters for the award of Yeltsin fire officers

Mainly including militarized fire brigade and local full-time fire brigade

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India's nuclear submarine is the interpretation of the old model experts in China

More worthy of the United States is in India with the sharing of Chinese submarines in the Indian Ocean activities of intelligence

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How does the US ship exit the storm: review the sinking of the Fitzgerald

Edmund Fitzgerald is the last vessel to be sunk by the storm

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Russian Foreign Minister: "Islamic State" militants or train in Georgia

"Islamic countries" terrorists are likely to train in the Georgian Panci Valley Canyon

Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and the surrounding areas or the emergence of air pollution process

Environmental Protection Department of Environmental Monitoring Division Director Luo Yi said

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Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei thirteen plan to issue Beijing non - capital function to ease the promotion

Focus on nine aspects of the focus to the overall strength of Beijing and Tianjin in 2020 to further enhance the "planning" to innovation, coordination, green, open, shared development concept for the control

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Guo Jinlong is the Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games and the Winter Paralympic Games

Yang Shuan, deputy director of the State Sports General Administration, Xu Ning, vice governor of Hebei province, and vice chairman of the Organizing Committee of the China Disabled Persons'

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Food Safety Law Implementation Regulations Comments Experts: Building civil supervision mechanism

The State Food and Drug Administration has drafted the Regulations on the Implementation of the Food Safety Law (Revised Draft) (hereinafter referred to as the "

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